#review2 Bloomey handmade- body oil

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I know I was kind of lost but it’s my uni exams this month …so give me some love. I am back with another beauty product review.

Summer is here, June is here and if you ever wished to treat your body skin right…this is the right time for you to do it. Especially when you live in such a warm country like I do I guess you dont have a choice.

You all know how dangerous the sun can be especially for your skin. So what a better idea than using handmade and natural beauty products. I searched and found an e-shop which promises high-quality beauty products. I am talking about  Bloomey handmade ! After an excellent communication I was able to try some of their products in order to let you know my thoughts19225113 1881395755405444 607020590454806025 n e1497713515197 - #review2 Bloomey handmade- body oil

I was really excited and frightened when I received a body oil.  You know how difficult it is to handle  body oils. I am telling you that ,because most of them stain the clothes or leave you with an oily sense for ages.

Thankfully I can assure you that this specific product only took 3-6 minutes in order to dry and then left my skin really soft! I was able to get dressed and leave the house. Plus it left my skin so moisturized.

TIP : You can also apply it as a make up remover! It is easily absorbed so you wont have a problem with that. (If you have an oily skintype I dont suggest you doing that)19225033 1881395765405443 5548703351417224066 n - #review2 Bloomey handmade- body oil

Check their website  and their variety of beauty products
( body oils , soaps , cellulite treatments , body butters and more )  made with carefully selected natural ingredients.

I know you will love it and I guarantee to you that you will be satisfied with the prices!

And ofc I have a dicount coupon for you. Use my code : EIRINITSR10OFF for 10 % discount until the end of June


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PS1 : I hope you liked this review and visit  this promising shop. I am sure you will love it. Feel free to comment me what you think of it.